buy amoxicillin online uk next day delivery February 6, 2017 Valentines day is coming, and I’m not gonna lie. I like to be spoiled on this day. I don’t like it to pass without acknowledgement. It’s just not right! I like to get cards from my all my kids, and my other half bless him… Lets just say my expectations are high and Valentines day is akin to our anniversary. For all intents and purposes in my house Valentines day is my day. A prequel to mothers day if you will.

But not this year, I’m foregoing my authortarian rule. My usual monopoly of the day, and together with the junior Dinky Mix Mafia we decided to make Father Bear a card.

We started off by getting our kit together. I hadn’t planned to do anything crafty that day so basically I went round the house picking up whatever I thought could be useful and we jumped right in and ran with what we found.  We ended up with crayons, coloured pencils, paint, and papers, lots of reds, pinks, purples and a little orange to spice up the colour palette a little.

Madam President started scribbling with crayons so we all joined in. The Bear made like a tree and left pretty sharpish, but MP and myself got into it. We kept scribbling till we covered the page, which I thought looked quite good. I’m actually thinking of doing something like this to frame and put on the playroom

I gave MP a craft punch and some coloured card and let her go nuts. While she did that I took our scribble masterpiece and cut it up into lots of different shapes Thats what Madam President is into at the minute). I then took another piece of card and cut out a large heart shape.

I get up make and eat some lunch, then come back to the craft table where MP is STILL punching heart shaped holes galore, and loving it. I kid you not she was there for the best part of an hour, quiet as a mouse and happy as Larry, before I had to encourage her to move on to the next part! That craft punch has got to be one of the best investments I’ve ever made.

We got all out scribble cut out paper shapes, the largest mountain of cut out hearts i’ve ever seen and the large heart cut out together. We spread glue all over the large heart and started sticking all the little bits to it. The game was to cover all the white bits of the card, which MP loved and was shouting out the name of the shapes as she stuck them down (see education is fun!). even after we covered the white bits there was a lot of paper shapes left, so we continued sticking and over lapping, some pieces weren’t fully stuck down so we had a feathered overlaid effect.

I took the masterpiece and trimmed the paper that had gone over the edges to get the heart shape back. MP then  put lots of glue on the back and we stuck it on a piece of red card. I cut out letters from black card and glued ‘WE LOVE YOU’ to the front of the card.

To finish I asked the kids why they loved their Dad (The Bear didn’t say much,but he is one year old), I wrote down their answers, printed them out and stuck it to the back of the card.

Voila! A cute easy to make a special card for a great Dad. Next I make buy Depakote 500 mg valentines day cards for the kids

We know he’s gonna love it! Happy crafting everyone.

Peace out x

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