I asked Madam President what she loved most in the world…

She said ice cream (shaking my head, right now).

Then after a long pause she added “And cake.”

I replied, “What about Mummy.” She said “URGH! Mummy’s not cake.”

Now I’m not gonna lie. I thought she’d say Mummy or Daddy. But no. The sweet treats have it. So in  honour of my daughter who lives for cake, and would happily go along with a desert based diet forever (and not wanting to to have my usual buy finast online mastercard mummy monopoly on Valentines day). I decided to do something for the kids. I have created this Valentines card mini series for the little ones (though I’m sure the older members of the Dinky Nation wouldn’t mind them either!). Hopefully the  plan is to stick these in the little valentines hamper that i’ll make up for the kids (blog post coming up very soon).

cute kawaii sweets, cake, ice cream and marshmallow valentines day card idea for kids

I don’t know which one is my favourite, but I know I loved drawing these cute kawaii characters. I’m sure my little ones will love the cards loads. That is until they spot the rest of the goodies I have in store for them!!!

Anyway since Valentines day is coming up. I’ve decided to spread the love and give you all a chance to download a cute kawaii card free of charge (Yes…Yes. That is love that you are feeling). Simply CLICK HERE and get your free kawaii marshmallow printable card. Then either print it yourself or send it to a printer of your choice. It doesn’t have to be for only valentines day either, I’m sure the kids would love these for a birthday, or just because! We don’t need a special day to show we love them do we?

I’m feeling good with all this love that I’m giving… I think I might give some more…

Watch this space peeps!

Peace out. x

cute kawaii sweets, cake, ice cream and marshmallow valentines day card idea for kids


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