buy finast in south africa January 29, 2017

So we’ve definitely made some headway into this first month of the New Year.

At the beginning some of us took the chance to do that something that will make a change. I certainly did. I made that New Year resolution. I was going to exercise and eat super healthy for at least three months, and I was gonna stick to it this time. No. Matter. What. I gave myself the pep talk, I looked in the mirror while eye of the tiger played in the background, shadow boxing and telling my self I was smart, I was beautiful and I was important. Kindly roll forward one week later with me. I find myself slouched/lay on the sofa (shattered because The Bear couldn’t sleep last night, which meant neither could I.), in my gym kit, with the biggest bowl of sugary cereal I could find. The remote control is firmly in hand, and I am resigned to watching Game of Thrones series one through to six, and not moving till it’s over.

I’m sure many of us can relate. It can happen easily, for so many reasons. Boredom, demotivation, or life gets in the way and we’re just plain busy.

It’s not just the new years resolutions that suffer either. Often I have all these dreams and goals, and with the best will in the world. Not a thing is going to happen unless I plan. I start strong with plenty of fervour, then the enthusiasm wanes. I find another project to start or day-to-day life distracts me.

However when I have my goals, and the steps to accomplish them written down and to hand, I have a tool that continually spurs me on. Especially when I can tick off or cross out what I have done already, and it is clear to see the progress made.

So as the period of treat yaself, go on it’s Christmas (meaning mince pies and cream with EVERY meal…I’m not proud of it) has come and gone, the I’ll go to the gym tomorrow bug had to get gone as well. So now I’ve set my goals and action steps.

I find that if I plan out all the aspects of my healthy life style, I can stick to it for longer and in a lot of cases make better choices that become habits. When I have my fitness goals in front of me in black and white, along with a detailed workout plan, meal planner and somewhere to track my progress and reflect on the highs and lows of the journey, I get a motivational boost.

With that in mind, I created a fitness planner for myself with all the sections and things I wanted to plan, keep track of and organise.

I put it together in book form and thought “Oh My Gosh, I need to share this with the world!” So that’s what I’m doing. Sharing the motivational fitness-planning bug, to re-kick start our health and fitness goals. I’ve designed a printable version that you can download from the Source & Abode shop on Etsy, this enables you to print off pages individually as many times as you need to as and when you need to. It also allows you to collate them in a way that works best for you because you are not restricted to a book with a restrictive amount of pages (this is so annoying when you have to change or amend a goal plan) or no choice for layout.

I’m giving away the goal planning section of the fitness planner for free as a pdf printable. To request it go to the come and say hi section in the menu or simply see CLICK HERE to subscribe with your email address. If you like what you see click here to go to the where can i buy metformin online Source & Abode store to to get the full fitness planner which is on at a heavily discounted special introductory price for a limited time.

So here’s to accomplishing all our health and fitness goals in 2017.

Peace out x

Sharing is Caring

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