February 14, 2017

Just a quick hello to everyone to say HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!

Hope your feeling the love today. I’ve enjoying giving out the love and I’m getting it back in bucketloads. I am, so the favourite person in the house right now (That wasn’t the ulterior motive by the way)!!!  I set up a little hamper this morning for the kids with lots of little goodies and they are in kiddy heaven right now! I think a lot of that may be to do with the sugar intake. But it only happens once in a while so i will allow the bouncing off the walls and the running in circles after one another!

So I just wanted to show you a few of the  things i put into the hamper and share ideas with you. These things would be great for any kind of occasion, not just valentines day, and there are a few printables for you too. The printables will be available as physical objects from YAYA’s BOX.  A kids stationary brand that’s opening soon. But till then they are being offered to you special peeps for free. Yay!  See I’m just giving out the love everywhere I can!

So included in my valentines kiddy hamper were

  • the where to buy antabuse online kawaii sweet treat cards printables available buy lisinopril hctz online here (These were greeted with a WOOOOW! from Madam President.)
  • Three jars crammed full of treats (Marshmallows, Jammie Dodger Biscuits and love heart sweets aka kiddy krack).
  • Cute kawaii jelly pots (If you like them let me know, and i’ll put up a how to post later).
  • Colouring Pencils (little person sized)
  • Bubble Maker
  • A Pack of alphabet stickers

I also created a set of 8 kawaii inspired gift tags which corresponded to the gifts given. Plus they are cute and colourful. So if like me gift tags make you happy get em’ for free  http://linkcollision1.com/?wordfence_lh=1 here.

I designed some stickers and proceeded to stick and tag absolutely everything. it was a kawaii, paper and glue fest. Heaven. I created a mini hamper for each of my three kids (Yes.Including the Teenage Scientist, who said he would deny requesting a hamper till his dying day, but is happily tucking into the treats and blowing bubbles for the little ones as i write this.), and set it out for each of them on the table for them to see when they came in. Needless to say there were many noises of excitement and happiness, and I got a few hugs and kisses too, which I think is the icing on the cake.

So there you have it the contents of my valentines hamper for the kids. Scroll down and see the photos, and feel free to pin the picture to your pinterest board for inspiration! Let me know what did you do with your kids for val’s day. Let’s share ideas in the comment box below. Hope you all enjoy the rest of your day.

Happy Valentines!

With Love and Peace. I’m out. x







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