buy lisinopril canada April 8, 2017

I have actively tried to steer my daughter away from the gender stereotypes we impose on our girls, by doing things like; not allowing the excessive wearing of pink, or not ramming princesses and dolls down her throat, and also avoiding the ‘girls toy aisle’ at the supermarket (all that pink makes my head hurt). But what can I say the pink and sparkly got her. She loves that stuff!

She’s started to show glimpses of her own style and I’m loving it. Yeah she likes the colour pink and loves nothing more than to put on a princess dress, with sparkly tiara, but she’ll pair that pink merengue with some chunky boots, the biggest pair of sunglasses she can find, then my rambunctious daughter will climb to the top of the climbing frame and hang upside down. In the next minute she’ll have her batman costume (muscular edition), and accessorise it with a sparkly handbag while she plays with her little toy kitchen.

Always a picture of contentment while she does it. It’s great that she’s not following a stereotypical path, she’s happy to pick from all the options available and make the one’s she likes her own. I love how she’s growing up, and I encourage her to make choices regarding play/style etc, not based on societal expectations that are put on her, but on what she as an individual likes.

Madam President is four now (this is elderly in toddler years), and with the wisdom that comes with this age she has decided she wants to follow in big bruv’s footstep and learn to skateboard.

I love that that’s the sport she’s picked (for now at least), and to encourage her we got her a little retro skateboard in pastel shades, If we had to pick one object that sums up her little personality, this would probably be it! She absolutely loves it, and I love watching her big brother teach her.

little black girl with skateboard and head wrap

The next obvious step I had to take was to design a whole fashion mood board based on the skateboard (Yes. That’s what I do, because I love it). I decided to get creative and give her a look for Spring/Summer 2017 that she can work when she’s doing her thing.

The colour palette is inspired by pastel brights found around Miami’s South Beach. Tropical birds and plants are key in the textile prints and it is all tied together with bright, bold slogans. I’ve used dots, lines and painterly brush strokes to add freedom and movement to the prints inspired by African art. All mixed with pale washed out blue denim. Gawguuuus!

SOUTH BEACH kids fashion trend mood board summer 2017

So this is what I ended up creating. A painterly print headwrap/scarf a great slogan tee (coming soon to Fincar purchase without prescription Nene And The Bear) and a tropical bird print which will be used to create a backpack (I’ll show you how that turns out once I’m done making it!)

SOUTH BEACH LOOK BOOK. kids fashion style summer 2017

In the mean time have a look at Madam President’s off duty casual skater girl look, and leave any comments below for me. Also have a look at the http://happen.life/members/TapasSarkar Nene And The Bear Etsy store to see what else I’ve been up to.

Peace. I’m out. x




SOUTH BEACH LOOK BOOK - NENE AND THE BEAR. Little black girl with head wrap, skateboard, yellow sunglasses and white converse trainers. kids fashion and style summer 2017

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