My Story

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HEY ALL! Can I tell you the story? It’s of a girl, who has a dream to give little ones everywhere three little gifts, all through the marvel of design! The first gift is pride in cultural heritage. The second gift is a positive self-identity, and the third, is a sense of belonging. Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin…

Once upon a time there was a girl called Chi who loved to draw. She loved it so much that when she got older she did a fashion design degree and promptly put her skills to work. She moved with her awesome son to the wondrous city of London to find her fortune. For five years she worked her fingers to the bone, churning out designs for the insatiable fast-fashion monster, and had no time for her child. She was bored out of her face doing the 9-5 and was speedily losing the will. Then something finally clicked in Chi’s head. She didn’t have to follow the path of the endless slog, where she had no time for her family or herself. She was brave. She was an adventurer. She was ambitious. There was something more out there and she was going to find it.

So in 2011 Chi, together with her sidekick (aka son), stepped off the path of ‘excruciating unfulfilment’ to follow the road less travelled. After five years of persistent exploration, and joined by a fantastic man and two more little people. She completed a Masters degree in Design, which brought her to the vast ocean called opportunity. The ocean was deep, the waves were choppy and Chi (who wasn’t a great swimmer) was a little bit scared. But she jumped in anyway, creating and launching Dinky Mix in September of 2016. Now she had the privilege of being there for her family while getting to create and share content with great people as her full time job, and hopefully giving out her three little gifts on the way. She’s still trying to figure out the work/life balance, but the beauty is, it’s her choice. She doesn’t know how the story’s going to end but that’s ok. She’s working towards Happily Ever After, and in the meantime enjoying the ride called life with that fantastic man and their three bears.

Come and join the adventure. The more the merrier!