best place to buy generic Divalproex online March 24, 2017

buy propecia 1mg online uk I get so caught up sometimes in the whirlpool of ‘mum-guilt’. I know it’s ridiculous, but still I gracefully swan dive in headfirst. In my head it sounds something like this…

“I have to work everyday and keep my children at preschool” (Mind translates: I have abandoned my children).

“I didn’t do take home birthday party bags”- Bearing in mind it’s for 100 kids who happen to share the same space at pre-school as Madam President, (75% of them she doesn’t know ) while their parents are working (Mind translates: I’m a terrible mother).

“I forgot it was dress up as a pirate day, My kids will be the only ones not in costume”. Even though deep down you know there are always others whose parents forgot/couldn’t be bothered! (Mind translates: I clearly don’t care about my kids).

“It’s the third day in a row that my children have eaten chicken nuggets. They have forgotten what green looks like on a plate.” (Translates: I’m neglecting my kids, and should be locked away).

When these thoughts start taking over, I have to give my mind an imaginary hollywood film slap (and sometimes my face a real one) and tell myself to get a grip and calm the heck down. You get the point though. And I know I’m not alone. I can get so twisted up in the providing, teaching and discipling part that sometimes I admittedly miss the point. The big question. What it all comes down to. Do my children feel loved?

Life can be busy and stressful, and I get so preoccupied with stuff. Business, schooling, grades, child milestones and development (blah, blah freakin’ blah). It feels like all this stuff is piled high and needs dealing with. NOW. So I get sidetracked from what my kids really need from me. I am not gonna lie. Sometimes the daily goal is to ensure everybody makes it to the next day breathing, and with limbs intact (and sometimes when the bar is extremely low the limbs thing is optional!).

I know you’re not supposed to shout at your kids, but when I’m preparing a gourmet meal of chicken nuggets on a bed of french fries with a tomato ketchup coulis. While making a semi important call on the phone. Updating my social media accounts on the laptop and writing next weeks to-do list. The sound of my darling son, hitting his darling sister, with her own darling shoe, causing her to produce a scream that makes your hair stand on end and belongs in  a classic B-movie, is enough to to send my voice up to decibels that you never thought were humanly possible. Throw in a mostly lovely, but sometimes challenging teen with all that stress, anxiety and guilt, and you can see why the furthest thing on my mind would be to ‘show’ love.

But that is what it’s all about. Having my kids not only know I love them, but to feel I love them too. When I focus on that one goal, it eases the burden that life and expectations (other peoples and my own) have placed on my shoulders. All the other things are important in their own way. Discipline, teaching and provision are essential ( and I recommend  a slightly higher goal than ‘are my children breathing at the end of the day!’), but I’m trying to do all these things with love at the centre. When I don’t reach the pinterest mum standard, I won’t kick my self for it, or try and drown in that sea of guilt, because I know my kids not only know that they are loved, but they feel it as well. And I have noticed that when my kids feel loved up, they behave a lot better (apart from the bear because he’s two and believes mischief is fun and absolutely necessary).

So here’s a few things I do with my kids, most take hardly any preparation or time and are inexpensive, but the outcome  is priceless.

motivational inspirational love quote for children about hugs and kisses

  • Hugs, kisses, tickles and for my teen pats on the back, playful punches (though he does enjoy a hug and kiss every now and again).
  • Each of my children have a special nickname. I use it often (and I make sure it’s not the same one I use when they annoy me!).
  • I sing with my little ones, sometimes really loudly and badly. I change the words of songs to incorporate their name or nickname and make it personal to them, and if it’s a good cover I make it our special song.
  • When they do a picture or bring home a certificate. I put it on the fridge or the notice board and make it their personal picture of the week.
  • Occasionally I drop everything and we have a 5-10 minute soul train style dance off.
  • I get down on the floor with them and play.
  • I write for them. buy finasteride finasteride australia Letters, notes, stories, poems ( I have a poetry book for kids coming soon. Muito exciting!). It can take as little as two minutes to put together a loving or silly note, I put it somewhere for them, and when they find it we read it together.
  • When I’m running an errand, I will take one child along with me and have mum and kid time.
  • I read to them. Sometimes altogether, sometimes one on one.

  • I talk about them positively to others, all the time and sometimes make sure they are in earshot.
  • I stop and listen when they are talking to me.
  • I look them in the eye and tell them that I love them.


Such simple things, but they can make a difference. So to hell with being that unrealistic pinterest mum. I’mma be real up in these toddler streets and just keep loving them.

Peace. I’m out x

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